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One day, a gentleman assured his wife to not worry about the future cash-flows anymore as he had invested in FDs, Mutual Funds AMCs, portfolio management tools, online brokers, insurance agents, relationship managers, post-offices,DEMAT accounts, etc..  But does investing enough money across myriad of investment avenues alone really makes you financially secure? Be able to track them surely does. How can you track your ‘lost’ investment?

Undoubtedly, the need of the hour is not only to invest, but also to be able to meaningfully track all your investments from a common platform at any given point of time. A single portfolio management software (PMS) from your broker, may not be enough if you have invested at multiple places. All the more, you need to manually enter each transaction in such tools which is not always scalable.

Thankfully, National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), the first and largest electronic securities depository established in 1996, that handles most of the securities held and settled in dematerialised form in the Indian Capital Markets has come-up with a solution, that is,  to link your investments through your PAN. As you already know, PAN number is the closest thing that comes to a single unique ID across all kinds of platforms in India, be it investment avenues for every single person or financial entity. So, it becomes rather evident, that using the PAN number, one should be easily able to link all the transactions and holdings into one common place. This is exactly what the NSDL CAS (Consolidated Account Statement) does.

nsdl cas

The NSDL CAS (Consolidated Account Statement) brings you a single account statement consisting of transactions and holdings in all your DEMAT account(s) held with NSDL and CDSL, as well as units of Mutual Funds.This shall enable you to have a consolidated view of your financial assets, and shall provide you an insight of your portfolio across various asset classes in an intuitive, and graphical format at no extra cost to you. In short, CAS is jam packed with a tons of relevant information about your financial health all at one place. For more info. visit:

We at Time Capital are proud to partner with NSDL since our inception, and believe that sharing easy-to-implement knowledge can be useful to our investors to not only protect their hard-earned money, but also trade confidently. Reach us here

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