Investor Charter – Stock Broker



To follow highest standards of ethics and compliances while facilitating the trading by clients in securities in a fair and transparent manner, so as to contribute in creation of wealth for investors.



  • i) To provide high quality and dependable service through innovation, capacity enhancement and use of technology.
  • ii) To establish and maintain a relationship of trust and ethics with the investors.
  • iii) To observe highest standard of compliances and transparency.
  • iv) To always keep ‘protection of investors’ interest’ as goal while providing service.

Services provided to Investors

  • Execution of trades on behalf of investors.
  • Issuance of Contract Notes.
  • Issuance of intimations regarding margin due payments.
  • Facilitate execution of early pay-in obligation instructions.
  • Settlement of client’s funds.
  • Intimation of securities held in Client Unpaid Securities Account (CUSA) Account.
  • Issuance of retention statement of funds.
  • Risk management systems to mitigate operational and market risk.
  • Facilitate client profile changes in the system as instructed by the client.
  • Information sharing with the client w.r.t. exchange circulars.
  • Redressal of Investor’s grievances.

Rights of Investors

  • Ask for and receive information from a firm about the work history and background of the person handling your account, as well as information about the firm itself.
  • Receive complete information about the risks, obligations, and costs of any investment before investing.
  • Receive recommendations consistent with your financial needs and investment objectives.
  • Receive a copy of all completed account forms and agreements.
  • Receive account statements that are accurate and understandable.
  • Understand the terms and conditions of transactions you undertake.
  • Access your funds in a timely manner and receive information about any restrictions or limitations on access.
  • Receive complete information about maintenance or service charges, transaction or redemption fees, and penalties.
  • Discuss your grievances with compliance officer of the firm and receive prompt attention to and fair consideration of your concerns.

Various activities of Stock Brokers with timelines



Expected Timelines


KYC entered into KRA System and CKYCR

10 days of account opening


Client Onboarding

Immediate, but not later than one week


Order execution

Immediate on receipt of order, but not later than the same day


Allocation of Unique Client Code

Before trading


Copy of duly completed Client Registration Documents to clients

7 days from the date of upload of Unique Client Code to the Exchange by the trading member


Issuance of contract notes

24 hours of execution of trades


Collection of upfront margin from client