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Our Story

Time Capital was incorporated in 1991 with a view to take advantage of the financial services boom post the 1990 liberalisation reforms and has been serving clients successfully ever since.

  • We were among the First fewBrokerage houses to take the Membership of the Depository NSDL as well as NSE when it was launched in 1995.
  • We were one of the Top 5 brokers in Northern India by Volume in 2002 and grew to close to 5000 depository accounts which we still service.
  • In 2009 we decided to scale up geographically across India in the brick and mortar model and reached over 50 locations through our 70+ sub broker network.

Through our journey, we realised that there is an inherent gap between the retail participation in the Indian equity stock markets, compared to that in some of the developed nations. Additionally, there is an urgent need to address the problem of financial inclusion. We found that the average participant was intimidated by the markets, needless to say, that brokers have an inherent conflict of interest in letting the investors make more trades, rather than actually make more money. With a view to resolve these roadblocks as posed to a new investor, we gravitated towards the most natural and long term approach to financial services: Aligning the company with Customer Profits and making the markets as accessible as possible

In 2013, we decided to take the company to a new direction driven by emphasis on Technology and Personalised online Research.

We, at Time Capital hope that our renewed focus driven by tangible products and services would make the process of participation easier for our Indian retail Investor.

Our Team